Tips for Moving IT Equipment in an Office Relocation

Office FurnitureMoving your office can be a stressful ordeal under even the most ideal circumstances. Although we recommend that you contact a professional office moving company like ourselves, we realize that your budget may not allow for hiring an outside company and you will be doing the move yourself.

Businesses that are planning on relocating to a new environment often find themselves faced with numerous concerns that must be addressed in order to ensure the process goes smoothly. Failing to take specific steps to ensure that relocating IT equipment to a new office or workspace may be done with greater ease and success is a misstep that many businesses commonly make. Failing to address IT-related concerns or assuming that all equipment can simply be plugged in and switched on after a move could prove to be nothing short of disastrous.

Survey Current Equipment

Taking stock of the current IT setup is often the first step for ensuring a move can be completed with minimal complications or disruption to daily operations. An IT survey will need to address all of the following issues:

  • Diagramming the current IT setup
  • Backing up all data
  • Identifying any equipment that may need to be replaced or upgraded during the process

Possessing a better understanding of a current IT situation can greatly simplify setup and configuration efforts following a move.

Create a Backup Plan

Even the most well-made plans can suffer from unforeseen problems and unexpected complications and business would be wise to have a backup plan in place should they encounter an IT problem along the way. Investing in redundant equipment, budgeting extra time for network setup and deciding how best to address a problem before it arises can all make a considerable difference. Mistakenly assuming that a network, IT setup or digital infrastructure that has been in place for years will be stable enough to survive a move without issue could end up costing businesses far more than they might expect.

Order New Equipment Ahead of Time

Moving to a new office often provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade equipment and replacing technical components that may be showing signs of age or wear. Purchasing new equipment in advance can ensure that potential problems are able to be identified and resolved before they have the chance to become larger issues. Other concerns may include:

  • Arranging for new items to be delivered at the new site to ensure an easier move
  • Unpacking and testing components individually as the first available opportunity
  • Reserving enough time to deal with equipment returns or exchanges in the event of a problem

Seeking Professional Assistance

Businesses that lack the manpower, expertise or resources needed to relocate their entire IT setup quickly and efficiently would do well to seek professional assistance. IT service providers can be a crucial asset when it comes to backing up data or making future purchases and letting a moving service handle the heavy lifting may minimize downtime, effort and lost working hours that can make moving to new quarters such an expensive proposition. Proper planning, having plenty of time and seeking out the right services and resources can all ensure that businesses are able to enjoy a smoother and more successful relocation.

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