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martind-and-staff-1Creating a strong local economy takes all of us. To help our customers succeed, we’re asking you to share the secret of your success with others.

Our motto:
“Take care of the customer.”

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur is that hard work and dedication will determine your success.

Precision Installation has been in business for 18 years. We are a commercial furniture services company headquartered in Phoenix, and our services extend to companies small and large located all over the United States.

Our biggest challenge has been balancing the peaks and valleys inherent with owning a business. You are forced to make critical decisions related to managing personnel, real estate and finances during tough times.

Today, we reap the rewards of the hard work we put into the business during the first 10 years. We now have a solid list of clients, which has helped smooth out some of the variability we experienced early on.

My advice to other business owners is to leave no stone unturned. Always look out for and pursue opportunities that come your way. Be ready to evolve at any juncture in your career and in your life.

Survival advice from: Martin Galindo – President, Precision Installation


A special thanks to SRP for expressing their appreciation towards Precision Installation.

Ronald Mc Donald House Charities Adopt-A-Room

testimonial-rmdh2Thank you Volunteer Team and Congratulations for raising $2,040.00!

All items on the Mandatory list were also purchased by our Volunteers. All paint and painting donated by FCI Construction.

Assembly and delivery of furniture, carpet accessories donated by Precision Installation. Setting up and completing this room was a fun and fulfilling effort by all the volunteers.


We were glad to help out families in need of assistance. Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Adopt-A-Room Program!

Precision Installation Industrial Space + Culture

December 8, 2014
15977930285_47c64d232a_nTo help show entrepreneurs the effect an office space has on productivity, Keyser is shining the spotlight on organizations who place a high priority on their company culture. Today’s feature is on “Commercial Furniture Services”. Precision Installation, a commercial furniture services company that provides full project management support from start to finish.

Here are photos of Precision Installation’s new office space in Phoenix, as well as some additional insight on the Precision culture from Martin Galindo, President of Precision Installation.

“Our culture is be the best at what we do and take pride. There is a new sense of pride throughout the company and after 18 years in business I haven’t been more excited about the future – this space will open up many doors for us. We moved all operations in four warehouses into this one location so logistically we are much more efficient and the savings on fuel and man hours. Precision Installation is made up of a team of experts designed to meet the needs of small and large scale projects – including LEED Compliance. – Martin Galindo, President of Precision Installation

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A special thanks to Keyser for expressing their appreciation towards Precision Installation.