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Custom Steel and Wood Office Desk

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If you are looking for that “perfect desk” for your office, and nothing seems to fit what you have in mind, we can custom make it for you.

Although we love our selection of pre-made office furniture, we understand that it does not fit every situation, this is why we offer custom furniture steelwork.

Here are a few pictures of a custom steel and wood reception desk we made for a Scottsdale, Az office.

Custom Steelwork Office Desk
Custom Steel Office Desk
Custom Steel Reception Desk Phoenix

Get the perfect desk for you and your office.

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8 Business Relocation Tips To Consider Before Moving

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Every year, businesses change places to continue their growth. For many businesses, moving to a new place gives them a better chance to succeed than their previous location. However, moving a business can be a complicated process. Here are some things that businesses should remember to do before they move so that the process will run smoothly.

Assign Tasks

It would be beneficial to get the entire staff involved in the moving process. If necessary, set up a move committee that can help organize and plan the move. The Move Committee would also ease the transition for the rest of the staff. The committee can review all of the different tasks and assign the necessary roles. As the moving process continues, the business may add and assign more tasks.

Set A Schedule And Time Frame

Setting a time frame is one of the most important parts of the moving process. The business likely has a move out date when all of the stuff should be moved out of the office. Set aside a few days to move out, depending on how much stuff needs to be moved. Consider making a list of all of the necessary things that need to be accomplished before the moving process. Work backwards from your move out date.

Hire Movers

Hiring good movers is important to the moving process. Have a staff member develop a list of different moving companies and do thorough research on each one before hiring one of them. Look at the budget of the business and compare quotes before making a selection. If your business is located in the Phoenix, AZ Metro Area or Los Angeles, CA Metro Area, contact us for a free quote.

Hire Packers

Depending on the budget of the business, hiring some professional packers would be beneficial. This would save employees from having to pack up the most difficult spaces. The employees should pack their desks, while the packers clean up the other spaces and get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Set Up A Communications Plan

An internal communications plan can help employees stay informed about the moving plans, while an external plan would be beneficial to keep any clients and suppliers informed on the activities during the move. The business can continue to operate during the transition.

Create A New Office Layout

Creating a new office layout would give the business time to figure out where everything goes. While this will likely be a lengthy process, the moving committee can help with everything. Create a detailed plan that outlines where every piece of furniture will be placed and where every employee will sit.

Keep All Employees Informed

The moving process can be difficult for employees. It could completely change their commuting plans. Try to inform the staff about how the office will be assigned and how the new space will look. To help keep employees informed on the moving process, put up a moving schedule.

Talk To All Current Vendors

Check the contracts to see if it makes sense to stay with the current vendors or find some new ones. Talk with the new landlord about the space to make sure that there isn’t a lapse in the service.

Ways to Manage Your Office Moving on a Budget

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Moving an entire office, whether for a small or large business is often a daunting task. The cost of moving even a smaller office can get expensive quickly. If you’re managing your move on a tight budget, it’s easier to work on saving on moving expenses versus cutting corners.

Get a Head Start
Moving at the last possible minute can lead to several costs that you wouldn’t incur had you planned early. Getting a head start on moving by six months or more leaves you prepped for saving money. Booking any vehicles you may need well in advance can save you 20-40% on rental cost. Packing up unused furniture or documents early saves the need for more hired help.

Sell What You Don’t Need
Many office moves result in unwanted office furniture, or items that have no real place in your new location. Take the time to sell these items off to help offset the costs of your move. If your furniture is in excellent to mint condition, consignment furniture stores are often the best way to increase the money you get from selling off these things. There may even be tax benefits to giving items that you can’t sell to Goodwill stores.

Offer Trade in Exchange for Moving Help
Hiring movers, even private labor, is going to be the most expensive part of a moving budget. Rather than dealing with these expenses, offering up your products or services in exchange for moving helps saves an enormous amount of cash flow. Your costs versus the value some past customers or acquaintances may see in your service can make this an invaluable move.

Set a Schedule
Even if you can’t stick to it, having goals for your move will help things move along, ultimately saving you money on moving help and vehicle rentals. Set realistic but aggressive goals for how much you’d like to get done each day. Work to manage your moving help like you manage your business, and you’ll find the workflow will go much better.

Be Proactive
Business owners and managers don’t just tell people what to do, but help them accomplish tasks. Taking part in a moving process, even if this means taping up moving boxes, motivates those around you, keeping them moving throughout what can often be a physically trying work day.

As in business, managing an office move on a budget is about being efficient. Simple cuts in expenses and time management can add up to big savings on your final cost, allowing you to put more budget back into your business and your new location.

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